"I don't like to say I have given my life to art, I prefer to say art has given me my life"



When a painting is complete, not only am I physically exhausted but mentally drained as well. Consumed as I may feel, nothing compares to the sporadic surge of pleasures I receive every time a stroke of paint achieves the effect I desire. When it is attained, I am none happier. As Brett Whitely said “difficult pleasure”.


I welcome art commissions of any kind ranging from oil paintings to charcoal and graphite drawings. I work on surfaces such as canvas, linen, different paper types, etc.
Commissions can include portraits of family, friends, pets, places you’ve visited, architecture, or simply a favorite picture you’d like to have a painting or drawing done of. Please see instructions below on what I will need from you before I can begin the commission.


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Inde Bleu Re-launch

Click here to learn more Sahara was commissioned to fill the newly renovated...

Whisper of the Fates

48”X60” mixed media on canvas

Aimless Drifting

48”X60” mixed media on canvas

A Winter Storm

36”X48” mixed media on canvas SOLD